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I'm Amanda Luttrall. Photography is one of my biggest passions as the joy of capturing life's exciting moments in a split second makes me smile and gives me joy. Growing up in a family that wasn't always well off, I understand the need for affordable prices and quality photos, which is where I step in.

First and foremost, I'm a bride, a wife, a goofball, a friend, and a mom of furry children (aka animals). I dedicate your special day to just you, which allows me to enjoy your wedding day to the fullest. I am a proud owner of a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management with minors in Liberal Arts and Photography. I am an animal lover, and adore my 3 cats, 4 dogs and my husbands 7 snakes especially.

As your photographer, I pride myself in trying to help make your day run as smoothly as possible - especially because I help you frame your timeline during the planning process. That can mean being the 'bad cop' and making people do what they don't want to do, directing people to be where they need to be and simply being an extra set of hands when needed. If the day doesn't run smoothly, you as a couple won't be as joyful, and I want the day to be as easy and joyous as possible! You only get one wedding day!

In my free time when I am not working on photography items, I enjoy gaming on both my computer and my consoles and organizing things. I have what some could say is an unhealthy obsession with all things Harry Potter and I have found that I would rather spend my time hanging out at a pool or lake with close friends rather than being out in a super crowded place (yet I enjoy wedding receptions very much!). I am very much in love with sushi, pasta and Baja Blast Mountain Dew. 

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