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Prints Pricing


We value our photos just as much as you value displaying gorgeous and quality photos in your home. To help make sure that it is top quality and meets professional standards, we gladly and proudly offer professional print products from our trusted printers. We cannot guarantee that any prints you have printed from a 'one hour printer' will come out perfectly as envisioned by the photographer as our screens are not calibrated to their software. We also take the time to hand inspect each print to make sure that it is up to our standards before delivering it to you. 

Included in every package:

All print collections from Amanda Rochelle Photography have the following included in their pricing:

  • a USB of the digital images purchased in the collection (a $10 value)

  • 1 8x10" custom presentation box for print delivery to the clients (a $20 value)

  • Base shipping charges are included in all packages for prints (a $5 value)

    • Note: any additional products chosen from our a la carte menu may incur additional shipping fees.​

  • Capability for each print (or sheet for wallets) to be its own image

  • Quality Guaranteed as they are inspected by the photographer before delivery to client

our print collections

Print Collection 1


Valued at: $130



  • 3 sheets of wallets (8 wallets per sheet)

  • 8 - 4x6's

  • 10 - 5x7's

  • 6 - 8x10's

print collection 2


Valued at: $100



  • 2 sheets of wallets (8 wallets per sheet)

  • 6 - 4x6's

  • 8 - 5x7's

  • 4 - 8x10's

print collection 3


Valued at: $82



  • 1 sheet of wallets (8 wallets per sheet)

  • 4 - 4x6's

  • 6 - 5x7's

  • 3 - 8x10's

a La carte pricing

All a la cart print's may be purchased in addition to any print package purchase.

Larger a la cart items are available for purchase without the purchased of a base package, however there is a $10 shipping for any Canvas print of any size.

All purchases are quality guaranteed as they are inspected by the photographer before delivery to the client.

print & digital


  • Wallets (sheet of 8): $6.49

  • 4x6 Print: $1.49

  • 5x7 Print: $2.99

  • 8x10 Print: $5.49


  • Presentation Box: $20

    • Available in 5x7 or 8x10​

  • CD of Purchased Images: $15

  • USB of Purchased Images: $10

Digital Options:

  • Gallery Unarchival Fee: $150

  • Individual Digital Images: $50/per

  • Full Gallery Purchase: $1500

canvas options

Mini Canvas Sets (sets of 3):

Each canvas can be individual images or all the same image in these adorable sets.

  • 5x5": $87.99

  • 5x7": $89.99

  • 6x6": $91.99

Canvas Prints:

All canvas prints are .75" deep.

  • 16x20": $108

  • 20x24": $134

  • 24x30": $168

photo book options

All Photo Books come with the following items:

  • Black Leather Cover

  • 20 Pages (max of 4 images per page)

  • Protective UV Coating

  • Foil Embossing on the Front Cover

    • Colors available include: Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, White​

Photo Book Sizes Available:

  • 5x7": $119.99

  • 8x8": $129.99

  • 8.5x11": $129.99

  • 10x10": $179.99

  • 12x12": $179.99

sizing guide

Print Sizing Guide
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